How To Help

Tell the Hall Of Fame Voting Committee to Vote for TonyO!


The only way normal fans can help Tony is by telling the Hall of Fame why they should consider him. The Hall of Fame only accepts information from fans is via mail. So writing a letter or postcard is the only way!

This video shows the content of the coffee table book that we created and mailed to the voters. It talks about Tony’s ability, record, integrity, character, sportsmanship and contribution to the team.

Mail a Letter to the Golden Era Veterans Committee about why you think Tony Oliva should be in!

The letters are given to the voters at the Winter Board Meeting in San Diego prior to voting. In 2011, we heard from one of the voters that they were impressed with how much mail they received with the words “VoteTonyO” written on the envelope. So it works!

Baseball Hall of Fame
Attn- Golden Era Committee
 25 Main Street
Cooperstown NY 13326

Please write VoteTonyO on the back and front of the envelop!


Need some inspiration on what to write? Here are a few samples-

Letter from Charity Director

Letter from Mrs. Haron Killebrew

Letter from Neighbor


Mail a Postcard!

Feel free to print out the postcards that we used and mail them yourself… postcard stamps are only 34 cents!

VoteTonyO_Postcard_12Years,   VoteTonyO_Postcard_Kirby_Puckett,   VoteTonyO_Postcard_Latino,   VoteTonyO_Postcard_MyTonyOStory, VoteTonyO_Postcard_Pitchers,   VoteTonyO_Postcard_Top6Awards.

VoteTonyO Postcards 1

 VoteTonyO postcards 2


Don’t have time to write a letter to the Hall of Fame? You can donate money to go towards stamps, envelopes, paper, ink and lables. All money donated will be used by December 2014. Donations can be made through PayPal by clicking the link below.