Half Way There!

November 13, 2014

We are over half way through our letter writing campaign!

So far we have sent out 14,000 postcards and 3,000 letters from across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington DC, Texas, Florida, US Virgin Islands, Iowa, Michigan, Virginia, Ohio, Mississippi, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, and the Dakota’s. Fans have been writing notes to the Hall of Fame Voting Committee in English, Spanish and even Mandarin! And we have received over $500 of donations towards the purchase of stamps! Tony’s team has really come together to show their support of Tony and remind the Hall of Fame Voters why they should consider Tony.

With 25 days left before the December 8th vote there is still time for you to help Tony!

So what can you do to help Tony? You can write your own letter and mail it to the Hall!

One of the VoteTonyO Co-Founders was able to speak with a former Veterans Committee Voter and learned that the Hall of Fame does not provide any information (stats, awards list, accomplishments etc) to the Voters prior to the vote. They either have to do their own research in advance or they vote based on their prior knowledge of the individuals.

By Tony’s Team sending letters containing stories and facts about Tony’s Record, Ability, Integrity, Character, Sportsmanship and Contribution to the Team the Voters are given the opportunity to learn more about Tony from the people who know the most…his fans! Tell the Hall of Fame your story or share the stats that you know. Tell them why Tony deserves this honor.


Baseball Hall of Fame
Attn- Golden Era Committee
25 Main Street
Cooperstown NY 13326

Please write the words “Vote Tony O” on both sides of the envelope and be sure to mail them before Thanksgiving!

For more information about the Voters, the process, or our group please visit www.votetonyo.com.

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