About VoteTonyO and Tony Oliva

About VoteTonyO

We are a group of friends, neighbors and fans of Tony Oliva, and are dedicated to educating the voters of the Hall of Fame Veterans Committee on why Tony Oliva belongs in the Hall of Fame. We are all volunteers, and 100% of the revenue generated goes directly toward expenses incurred to get Tony Oliva elected to the Hall of Fame. We are a licensed nonprofit corporation in the state of Minnesota.

When we did this letter writing campaign for the 2011 election and had only 100 fans, 3 weeks of prep time and were able to send out 2,000 letters in total. Since then we have sent each Hall of Fame Member birthday cards, holiday cards, letters about Tony’s accomplishments and postcards from fans at TwinsFest. Well over 7,000 pieces of mail in total!

We expect that in 2014 we can make an even greater impact than in 2011! We have over 3,000 fans this time, have been planning for 3 years, and expect to send a minimum of 13,000 pieces of mail!
Tony Talks About His Fans at VoteTonyO here-



About Tony Oliva

We all know about the awards: 3 Batting titles, 5-time hit leader, 8 Straight All Star appearances, 2-time Sporting News Player of the Year etc.  The statistics, the awards can only add up to one thing – The National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown New York. If you would like more statics please visit Tony Oliva Stats.

While all of those on field accomplishments qualify him for enshrinement in Cooperstown, they all pale in comparison to what he does every single day off of the field.

Tony Oliva means so much to baseball, to his fans, to people everywhere. Every child he makes smile, every hand he shakes, every photo he poses for, and every autograph he signs brings joy to someone’s life. And Tony Oliva brings A LOT of joy into people’s lives! Over the course of the upcoming weeks and months, you will see the many ways Tony Oliva makes the world a better place to be in.


Videos of Tony Oliva

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