Tony Oliva’s Official Fan Group

VoteTonyO was started by a group of 12 fans in a suburban kitchen. Our mission is to get Minnesota Twins Legend Tony Oliva inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.


Tony talks about his fans at VoteTonyO.

Tony needs YOUR help to get into the Hall of Fame!

The best way to influence the voters is by writing them a letter. Click HERE to find out more information!

The Veterans Committee will be voting on the Golden Era early December 2014. Here is a quick description of the election process- TonyOliva_Hall_Of_Fame_Election_Process. Tony will be judged on his record, ability, integrity, sportsmanship, character and contribution to the game. Please consider sending a letter!

About VoteTonyO

We are a group of friends, neighbors and fans of Tony Oliva, and are dedicated to educating the voters of the Hall of Fame Veterans Committee on why Tony Oliva belongs in the Hall of Fame. We are all volunteers, and 100% of the revenue generated goes directly toward expenses incurred to get Tony Oliva elected to the Hall of Fame. We are a licensed nonprofit corporation in the state of Minnesota.

We began in 2011, targeting the Golden Era Committee vote. over the course of 3 weeks we launched a campaign that produced thousands of letters, 26,000 website hits, 20,000 Facebook views, and over 100 Twitter followers. We encouraged fans to write letters of support for Tony to the 16 committee members. The response was astounding! Since then, we have continued to grow our fan base in preparation for the December 2014 vote!


Please check out our site to find out more information about the campaign, Tony O, and how you can help!

On behalf of Tony’s Team, thank you for your support!